Wig Rental

Are you scared to make the commitment or just not sure what style is for you? Well guess what now you can rent a wig from The Wig Bar!





 In order to rent a Kira Dior Crown you must have a valid ID. We will keep your credit card and ID on file until your rental is returned. The name on your ID and credit card MUST match. NO EXCEPTIONS. 


Wig Rental Non - Refundable Cleaning Fee $50.00 

Wig Rental Returnable Fee $50.00 

Wig Rental Daily Fee $19.99 


Wig Rental daily fee must be paid in advance for the amount of days you choose to rent, and your wig rental cannot be rented more than 2 weeks. After 2 weeks the wig must be purchased or returned. If you choose to purchase your wig rental, the money paid towards the rental can go towards your purchase. 



Rent your crown today! 




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We Ship Fast!

Nobody likes to wait and we ship as soon as possible from one of our locations throughout the U.S nearest to you. We know you want it yesterday. (Conditions Apply)

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