Kira Dior Hair & Company is a hair business corporation, which is owned fully by Kira. It is located and operates in the Greater Washington, DC Area. Kira Dior is a  seasoned beautician who has 14 years’ experience in hair styling and has serviced clients from all around  the United States of America. Kira Dior Hair & Company aims to establish strong customer relationship  value by providing the best trends in the industry. Kira Dior Hair & Company provides various items such  as custom wig units ranging from closure wig units to various full lace wig units, extensions, heat tools and hair products. Kira Dior Hair & Company is established to legally make profit in Maryland as well as  compete favorably with competitors in the industry. Kira Dior Hair & Company’s goal is to ensure that  the custom wig units and hair extensions are of the finest premium quality and that their vendors are  trusted and reliable. 

Kira Dior Hair & Company is passionate about putting smiles on the faces of clients, which is why the  company shall procure all equipment that will help them achieve just that. The company plansto launch  out thoroughly, which is why they have made a significant financial investment to make the environment  where they plan to operate conducive to an all-around exceptional experience. Kira Dior Hair &  Company believes in the aphorism, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression” and that  is why the interior and exterior is well furnished to attract all and sundry. 

Kira Dior has all the right plans and projections for the business. From the very first time she began doing hair at the age of 11, she took entrepreneurship seriously. Kira Dior has always put customer  service and quality first in her business. These two imperatives were instilled in Kira through her  parents. They helped pave the way for Kira Dior through mentorship and unconditional support. This  support and mentorship has gone a long way to broaden her horizon, as well as train her to be one of  the best celebrity hair stylists, entrepreneurs and young motivational speakers in the country. 

Nearly 11 years ago Kira Dior always aspired to help people any way she could. She started off by selling  candy in elementary school, through her senior year in high school. Her parents always required her to  be on honor roll to sell candy and make money. On a normal day she would make $50 - $100 per day from selling candy. This is what motivated her not only to do hair but sell hair as well. At age 11 she had  a salon in the loft area of her room where Kira serviced her full price paying friends and family that  would support her business. Her sister Jazmeen was an avid YouTube watcher, and would tell Kira what  she should practice or what they should do next, but Kira was never one to watch YouTube.

She always managed to try things on her own. Through trial and error, she found different ways to do things.  YouTube was the start of their selling hair journey. Jazmeen found a vendor to order from and they  started with $200 of Kira’s candy money. Of course, after trying over 20 different vendors the quality  would vary from great to worse before it got better, but this never discouraged Kira and Jazmeen. They kept trying vendors and learning about hair through Kira’s clients. At 13 Kira had a full book of clients,  servicing 10 clients per week after school. Going into high school the company moved into a new house.  The move allowed the salon to grow and get bigger and better. Now the business was in a portion of the  basement with a shampoo bowl, one station and a small office.

At the age of 15, Kira had a client that  came in for a natural sew in. The client booked an appointment online so once she came in, Kira was  prepared to service her. Kira braided the client’s hair, sewed it in and styled it to her liking. Once Kira got  finished the client was elated and shared that she loved it and left with a smile. The next day Kira got a  call from the client very upset mentioning her braids were lifting off her scalp and her hair was coming  out. At this point, so many thoughts and concerns were running through Kira’s head. Kira did not know  what could have happened. Did she pull too tight to cause too much tension through braiding? Kira was  very worried and wanted to make sure the issue was resolved. Kira advised her client to come back in to  fix the issue and try to bond her extensions onto a cap. Kira proceeded to wash her hair, put a glue  protectant on and add a cap for an additional layer of protection. Then Kira glued the extensions on top.  The client loved it. The client left with a smile. Unfortunately, the client called back the next day saying  the cap lifted off her head with all her natural hair attached to the cap. Kira was devastated to hear this  and thought she was doing something wrong.  

At this point, Kira had to seek outside assistance and eventually asked her mother to help. Again, Kira  advised the client to come back in, to troubleshoot and prevent this from happening again. When the  client came in she immediately started crying and told Kira she had cancer. At the age of 15 Kira did not  know what cancer was fully, so her mother helped her through the process of helping the client. Kira  told the client she hadn’t made a wig before, but she would try to produce something she would leave  happy with. From here, Kira taught herself how to construct a custom wig unit and the client loved it. It  got her through her chemotherapy and helped her feel better as a woman. She was able to look in the  mirror and smile again.  


To be continued....