Nubian Queen


This full lace wig unit comes braided and ready to install. it's great for our Dolls who want vacation hair, want braids without the 2 month commitment, love versatility, even great for those with short hair or dealing with alopecia conditions.

With proper installation, this full lace unit allows pin ups, half up/half down, or practically any braided look you prefer.

You get the braids, knot bleaching and a full lace wig unit that can be re-braided into other braiding styles, or when taken down, this unit can be styled into another look, all for this amazing price


  • available in natural brown or blonde (613). (other coloring options available)
  • -glue or holding spray is necessary to attach unit.
  • -knot bleaching included/plucking not required.
  • -150% density/fullness.
  • -standard size wig cap (21”-21.5” circumference).
  • -attached combs & band 
  • -comes with a natural looking hairline.
  • -wig unit comes pre-styled in braided look shown in photos.
  • -this unit can be taken down and styled or rebraided (select braiding option)


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